Market Conditions Unchanged: Containerships

Multimodal transport company Containerships said the guidance for 2017 remains unchanged. In 2017, Net Sales are expected to grow by 5-10% and EBITDA for the full year is expected to improve on the previous year.  

The company does not expect any major changes in market conditions. The challenging situation in the Mediterranean is expected to continue.
Work on building the LNG vessels is ongoing and delivery will take place as planned in 2018.In addition, the company will continue to focus on developing LNG-fuelled truck trafffic, Containerships said.
Containerships is a full-service logistics company providing transportation solutions to customers using various container types and logistics solutions in the Baltic Sea, North Sea and the Mediterranean regions.
During the first half of 2017, Baltic Sea and North Sea traffic accounted for around 88% of Net Sales and the Mediterranean for around 12% of Net Sales. 
There were no significant changes in the operating environment during the reporting period. The Russian market has remained challenging due to economic sanctions and the country’s overall economic situation.
The United Kingdom’s Brexit decision has at least not yet impacted the company’s business. No significant changes are estimated to occur in the operating environment in the near future.
The company continues to progress on its chosen investment path based on its environmentally friendly LNG strategy. A start has been made on building the four LNG vessels, which will be delivered to the company in 2018. The company has increased the number of LNG-fuelled trucks in Great Britain and is exploring the possibilities to increase the number of LNG-fuelled trucks also in the Netherlands and Finland.
In business in the Mediterranean region, the Group’s own agency activities in Algeria began in autumn 2016 continue to show profitable growth. Business in Tunisia and Libya is being developed in partnership with local agents.